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What to do before, during and after moving to Australia on a Working Holiday Visa

Type: Subclass 417

Visa Cost: $495 AUD

Duration : 1 year (extend 2&3 years)

Ease level: 8/10

My visa got accepted & emailed back within 5 minutes

Things to do before entering the country:

1. Apply and get accepted for your visa (you must be outside of the country)

To be accepted, you’ll also need to provide proof of sufficient funds in your account, which is around $5,000. They may also ask for proof of criminal records / police reports, be wary that if you’ve been in trouble with the law your visa may not be accepted.

2. Book a flight (Sky-scanner is the best for finding the cheapest flights)

Some studies say that Tuesday and Wednesday mornings are the best time to book a flight to get the cheapest deal, and others say Sundays are a good day to book.

DO RESEARCH FOR YOUR FLIGHT ON INCOGNITO OR PRIVATE MODE! This is so the website won’t raise the prices the more you google and research online.

3. Have the first couple of nights booked, sorted and paid for. (the jet lag is bad, and you’ll want to just relax)


Things to when getting to Australia (in recommended order):

1. Get an Australian sim card (Telstra, Vodafone                                                                                                                 or Optus)

2. Get an Australian bank account

Commonwealth is the best, easiest and there’s lots of them around, my physical card came within a week, you can either be staying at a residence for a long period of time and get it sent there or send it to somewhere where you know you’ll be in a weeks’ time.

3. Get an Australian TAX File Number (TFN)

Apply for a TFN | Australian Taxation Office (

Apply on the Australian Taxation Office website and then you wait to be issued one, they send you a formal letter in the post with your TFN on it.

4. Create a myGov account so you can access and record everything

myGov Home | myGov

5. Apply and complete courses for work

For Hospitality you need your RSA certificate (Responsible Service of Alcohol) and for construction work you’ll need your White Card. If you want to go into Traffic Control, this paid very well but you must also take a course to be able to apply for jobs. These courses are online as well as being in person. I personally took my course in person at a center because it was cheaper, and I received the certificate quicker.

5. Get an ‘Everyday Rewards’ card to collect points at places around Australia

Woolworths, BWS, BigW, EG Ampoland Ampol, Bupa, Origin, SuperPharmacy, Healthylife, PetCulture, Marley Spoon, Dinnerly, Metro, Metro60, MyDeal. (I have this and shopping at Woolies everyday for groceries it helps keep the price down)

6. Set up a Superannuation Fund

This is basically a pension or a retirement fund that your company legally must pay into alongside your pay wage.

Recommended Supers: HostPlus, TelstraSuper, RestSuper, Hesta or AwareSuper. (I have a Hostplus and Rest, but you only need one Superannuation.)

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