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The undesirables about hostel life:

  1. Cutting toenails in the room & not clearing them up.

  2. People using your belongings without permission.

  3. People outright stealing your stuff (doesn't happen often but never say never.)

  4. Men shaving in the sink & leaving the hair there.

  5. People having loud sex above or below you.

  6. Be sick or urinate in places other than the toilet & leave it.

  7. Women putting their hair on the walls of the shower.

  8. People urinating or having sex in the pool & the shower.

  9. Not taking dirty shoes off and walking all around the room.

  10. Creating a floor-drobe & general messiness with backpacks.

  11. Smoking weed / cigs either with the door or window open. Everything smells!

  12. Come in drunk at ungodly hours, make loads of noise and wake everyone up.

  13. Leaving their bed light on late at night for ages, so you can’t sleep.

  14. Leaving food or sticky drinks in the room to fester.

  15. SNORING!

  16. Someone's alarm going off for ages and them not turning it off.

  17. If someone’s ill or coughing, then you’ll either end up ill or you won’t be able to sleep due to the noise.

  18. Loud phone or laptop noises when someone isn't using headphones in the room.

  19. Using other people's washing stuff if it’s left in the shower / sink by accident.

  20. Sitting on a bottom bunk bed to put socks or shoes on (that’s not your bed).

  21. Lack of privacy when changing or showering.

  22. Drying damp clothes in the room and hanging them everywhere.

  23. The walk to the shower is an uncomfortable one.

  24. The walls having squashed mosquitoes on it, or dirt, mud, blood, snot, semen etc.

  25. The hostel not washing the sheet or duvet and instead just making it, so it appears clean/ changed.

  26. No loo roll or soap in the shared bathrooms

  27. Bed bugs

  28. People not clearing up after themselves in the common area or kitchen, crockery could be dirty, I've seen some people not use soap to clean pots and pans before.

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