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Things I've learnt since living in Bali

Tash's Top Tips

  •  Bali is so cheap.

  • They speak Bahasa Balinese in Bali but Bahasa Indonesian in the rest of Indonesia.

  • Bali is covered in Aussies.

  • Their monetary bills are way too big. (100,000 IDR is only £5.80)

  • Don’t drink the tap/ shower water. (You’ll get “Bali Belly”)

  • There are some stunning spots around Bali… “Instagramable pictures” but don’t be fooled, there’s normally lots of people, crowds and waiting. Eg. The Ubud swing photo you see on Instagram, you have to pay to go on it and there’s a big queue & it’s expensive (not worth it).

  • The sanitation in hostels are sometimes better than home-stays!

  • In Canggu especially there are so many tattoo shops, gyms/ holistic fitness, health cafes & massage places.

  • You have to go to Gili T, it’s beautiful, there’s so much to do, they don’t have motor vehicles, they only have horse and cart… it’s so cute. The nightlife is amazing and most the restaurants are on the sea front, making the whole experience 10/10. (Stay at My Mates Place Hostel, it’s a minimum of 3 nights but you get a booze cruise included & the owner Brandon also owns the club called Jungle!)

  • Sometimes you won’t see any Turtles or Manta Rays or Dolphins on snorkelling trips, but it’s still great fun.

  • Be careful for street meats as they might not be what they’re said to be.

  • The people are so kind, generous & nice.

  • There are more scooters than cars & they’re cheaper/ easier to rent or taxi it.

  • Use “Gojek” or “Grab” Apps for an Uber-like experience. (They do cars, food etc)

  • It’s cheaper to use cash instead of card & nowhere has contactless payments yet. (ATM’s are everywhere)

  • You’ll meet people along the way, so don’t be scared to do that solo trip!

  • The Frogs / Geckos are so loud and you’ll hear them a lot at night. They go Uh-Ugh Uh-Ugh!

  • Bring / write in a travel journal, you’ll thank me later ;) (The good and the bad)

  • I’ve had a couple of nice & warm showers but they’re rare, so expect a cold shower.

  • Use the lockers / safes in dorms and rooms just to be on the safe side, your passport is so important and the last thing you want is it going missing.

  • Some places you’ll need to rent a scooter, you won’t be able to get around otherwise.

  • Most of the beaches ask for a donation but phrase it like it’s essential to pay, you don’t.

  • Haggle for most things (accommodation/ restaurants etc are fixed prices) but at markets or any stalls, the price they quote is rather the actual price.

  • Beach toilets & some bar toilets you have to pay (it’s like 5,000Rp which is 30 pence.

  • Don’t step on the flower offerings that you’ll often see on the floor, it’s disrespectful & offensive. (You’ll see them everywhere) 

  • If you have long or thick hair PLAIT IT OR TIE IT UP, especially if you’re going clubbing or in the sea. It’ll matt so easily and turn into dreadlocks very quickly… it’ll take hours to untangle… trust me on this one.

  • Massages range from 60-80,000Rp (£3.20-£4.30) for 30 mins, they’re so cheap!

  • Even in rainy season (Sep-Dec) is still so hot, you’ll almost be always sweating.

  • Vapes are English prices because they’re imported, so it’ll cost you £6-£15 per vape.

  • There’s many laundrettes, even in secluded villages, use them because even though you think you can wash stuff in the sink, it’s not worth it. It’ll cost under £3 for a whole load of laundry, they dry & iron it and return it all within 24hours, bargain.

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